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Film Productions

Video Production / Theater and Dance Filming / Editing / Real Estate Photography And Videography / Actor Services / Interviews

Thank you for stopping by Samovar Film Productions. 


We are a boutique production company specializing in live events (theater and dance), but also other media services, and have been proudly serving the NYC community in this fashion since 2011.

We are looking forward to hearing more about your project and what we can do to help! 


Tailor-Made And Modular


We are equipped to run interviews with multiple cameras, in virtually any location and for up to two or three speakers, with lighting if necessary. 

Please contact us for details about the specifics of this kind of a request. 

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Filming Theater

Outside of videography, I am an actor and voice over performer. That is where I started, and because I wanted to begin creating my own films, and archive my own works, I began to be interested in videography. And so, I bring that background and love of theater and performance into filming theater and performance, and have had the opportunity to work at some of the best venues in NY including, The Public, NYTW, Bryant Park, Here Arts, The New Ohio, NY Live Arts, Dixon Place, The Performance Project, Judson Church, St. Marks Church etc. 

  • Generally, a one-camera shoot for a 1-2 hour show, with syncing footage to audio sources, and upload and titling, is $150. Prices go up for longer shows.

  • For multi camera shoots - a two camera shoot is usually around $450, because of the significant jump in editing and complexity. 3 camera shoots, if it is two static cameras, costs $550. 

  • If needed, additional videographers can be hired if further operated cameras are requested with adequate advance notice. 

  • We do allow, on occasion and client insistence, for clients to do their own shooting, for cost savings. But they must then assume responsibility for the equipment and for the footage. 

Apart from static camera work on tripods, I have had the opportunity to film with a stabilizer for site specific projects. These require a greater degree of planning, and care. And would require a different pricing structure. 

Post Production \

Promos \ Trailers \


We are forever attempting to refine the processes involved in post production to increase speed, efficiency, and turn-around time to get our clients their media as quickly and as effectively as possible. This means always investing in new tools, new software, and new and better computer hardware.

Currently, we use the Adobe suite for most of our post production, with some other software here and there. 

  • For photography Photoshop and Lightroom

  • For Video - Premiere Pro and After Affects

  • For Animation - After Affects

  • For music composition and design - Cubase

  • For Audio recording and post production - Adobe Audition


Audio is without question one of the most important aspects of any production. For this reason we have invested in a Sound Devices Mix Pre 2 recorder, which captures audio with 32 bit float, which means that it can handle the most extremes of dynamic range. Basically - no more clipping!

Apart from that, I have the capacity to record at a highly professional manner in my home studio. For interviews, I always try to setup redundant recordings, using a boom mic, as well as a lav. 

Real Estate


and Video

We work with agents directly to represent properties in their best light whether with photos or videos. 


Please see our portfolio for examples of various locations we have filmed and photographed.

If called upon, we can provide neighborhood overview videos b-roll footage, besides footage of the property itself, as well as interviews with the agent or seller. 

As well, we can provide floor plans for properties. 


Please take a look at examples of our work in various categories: Promos and Trailers, Samovar Reels, Actor and Dancer Reels, Real Estate Apartment and House Tours.

This is however not an exhaustive collection of our work. For examples of other work such as theater performance recordings, live events, interviews, etc., please do not hesitate to get in touch.